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The search for an online sportsbook that is legal to play might be over if you decide to check out BetOnline. The desire for places to bet on sports legally for players in the United States might be at a peak, with evidence of the dollars that are wagered on some of the biggest events in the country and around the world. Sports betting might have laws that go against it but when there's a will, there's often a way, and BetOnline is one of those 'ways' in which legal betting on sports is viable and easily accessible.

For players in the United States to create an account and wager at BetOnline, it's as simple as visiting the site, and clicking the 'join now' button at the top of the screen. There are no other hoops to jump through or steps to climb. BetOnline is legal, and bettors do not need to feel apprehensive when thinking about joining the sports betting site. This page is here to put your potential fears to rest, along with explaining exactly why legal betting is an option at BetOnline.

Are "ALL" U.S. Players Allowed At BetOnline?

From Alabama all the way through the alphabet to Wyoming, and everywhere in between can bet at BetOnline. It's not only open to American players though, as a large International gathering of sports bettors are more than welcome to create accounts with this sportsbook as well.

With regards specific to U.S. players though, BetOnline does not violate the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, nor does it violate the Federal Wire Act. If BetOnline were set up in the U.S., it would violate these two federal betting laws, but fortunately it's not. You see, online sportsbooks are smart like that, basing their operation in a spot that they now are legal to do. They are also in charge of which countries they will allow to participate at their sportsbook, with the United States right at the top of the list.

U.S. players who are old enough to gamble according to their state will be able to place a wager at BetOnline legally and legitimately. There is no gray area here!

If you're looking for other betting sites that take players from your state, please look into our guide to sports betting in individual U.S. states. You will find all options that are on the table + we've already weeded out all the bad ones so you will not have to concern yourself with that.

Will I Get Into Trouble For Betting At BetOnline?

The only way you could get into trouble here, and you really can't consider it "legal", is by not being of the legal age to make bets online. BetOnline's betting site has it written on site that players must all be 18 years or older, extending to account holders all over the world. But for players in the U.S., this stipulation might have a 'Part B'. That would be the state gambling age. If higher, which in most cases the age is 21 in states, that age will need to be met to have an account and legally place wagers on site.

If you failed to meet the age requirements to bet (usually the same age as required to hold valid BetOnline deposit methods), the risk of forfeiture of deposit + any winnings might come back to boomerang you. It's simply not recommended, nor is it condoned so be patient and wait it out!

Outside of that, there is nothing to fear as BetOnline is a very professional, very discreet betting website that keeps all your details private. Being based offshore allows them to not have to hand over records supoena'ed by the U.S. or any of their states. Even financial transactions don't leave much trail because as we are about to discuss, BetOnline has their way of doing things and it's been very successful.

Please visit our page about whether online betting sites are legal or not if you'd like more information.

More About BetOnline Sportsbook + USA Players

Because of U.S. betting laws which limit they ways that money can be sent to fund accounts, USA players aren't out of the woods just because they won't get into trouble. We're talking about the potential for a problem that could arise when making a deposit into BetOnline. Because U.S. banks are forbidden to process the online gambling transactions with online gambling websites (especially those offshore), Americans could run into problems when trying to fund their accounts using credit cards or other electronic/bank involved methods.

With that said, more often than not credit cards, debit card and other methods go through without a problem because betting sites like BetOnline continually change up payment processing companies in an effort to stay a step ahead of the curve. This isn't always possible which is why BetOnline does have alternate deposit options available when traditional means don't work.

Deposit Methods Accepted At BetOnline: Visa or American Express (debit, prepaid, credit), money orders, Skrill, NETeller, Western Union, MoneyGram, and a bank wire. The option to deposit by using a MasterCard can be unlocked by becoming a VIP.

Of these deposit methods, American players can legally utilize credit cards, money orders, and the wire transfer options. Skrill and NETeller are not able to be chosen by U.S. players, as they do not deal with American customers.

Is BetOnline Legit? - Can I Trust Them With My Money? - Will They Pay?

Speaking of the word 'legitimate', that feeds nicely into this next topic of conversation relating to the legitimacy of the sportsbook. Just because something is 'legal', doesn't make it 'legitimate'. If you ask 10 different people what legitimacy is, you might get 10 different answers. In our case, and the case of BetOnline, it comes down to a few different things.

The first is whether or not you can trust them with your info when you sign up at BetOnline. And as with personal relationships, trust is built overtime, and based on past experiences. BetOnline has plenty of that with their existing customers, establishing a solid reputation in the online betting environment.

Other factors of legitimacy for a sportsbook has to do with their betting lines, and the options that players have to bet real money on site that is safe and secure to do. BetOnline has this as well. In addition to the many betting lines that can be found, BetOnline offers legit funding methods, allowing for the player to make easy deposits.

Why You Should Choose BetOnline For Online Betting...

Beyond having everything you could imagine betting on, BetOnline has been around for quite some time and has gained respect for their peers. That's not something that is easy to do. Furthermore, the thing that is tougher to do is to gain the trust of their players and this betting site does that by being fair and honest.

It's also worth nothing that BetOnline is not restricted to the computer, giving players a great option to bet with their mobile device. If you have an Android, Blackberry, Apple product, or Windows phone, you can bet through BetOnline with their mobile site that allows for "betting on-the-go". You can create your account with a mobile device as well, as they try to offer as many avenues to access their website as possible.

For further information regarding BetOnline, they have an excellent staff on service ready to answer your every question. We encourage players to browse the site and see if it feels right to you, including the live betting options that are available.

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