Is it Legal To Bet On Sports In the United States?

Americans might be questioning the legal status of sports betting in the United States. Questioning it would be warranted, because there are places where it's legal to do, but also at the same time there are places in which it is not permitted. To discuss the different parts of betting on sports in the U.S., we are going to break it up into two different categories. They are land-based sports betting, and online sports betting. It's important to set a precedent that they are two very different types of processes, because the federal laws today view both quite differently.

Here, you'll learn about land-based sports betting, and which states are legally allowed to offer it. Plus, get the latest information for online sportsbooks in the U.S., and what steps are taken for bettors interested in making a bet online living in the United States. The reasoning behind the legal options is actually quite interesting, and you will learn that the ease of access to the Internet might just be a bettor’s best friend, and the highway to easy sports betting.

Where Is It Legal To Bet On Sports In-Person?

The legal land-based sportsbooks that are licensed do not total high numbers. In fact, just four states out of 50 in the country are able to offer them under the Professional And Amateur Sports Protection Act. Delaware, Nevada, Montana, and Oregon are the four states which were exempt under PASPA, which they were able to do so because they applied for immunity when that window was open at the onset of the legislation.

Of the four though, Nevada has taken advantage of this the most, with world famous sportsbooks that American players and those around the world can visit and make legal wagers. The biggest requirement here is the legal age, which would be determined by the state the sportsbook is located.

Is Online Betting Legal for USA Players?

Two qualifications must be met in order for a legal sports bet to be placed online. First, the betting site must operate outside of the United States. Second, they must allow American players to create accounts with them.

There are no online sports sites in the U.S. regulated by states or the federal government, because they are prohibited under the law. But sites not in the U.S. are still allowed, and with them accepting American players, bettors are free under the law to place a legal wager so long as they meet the age requirements to do so.

Many online sportsbooks allow players from the United States to join their site, of which some of the top-rated ones will be mentioned throughout this site.

Will I Get In Trouble, Be Arrested, Etc... For Betting On The Net?

Will U.S. players get into trouble for placing real money wagers at sports betting site where they are accepted? The answer here is no.

Under the federal law, American players are able to place actual money down through various deposit methods accepted by a particular site, and try to win even more money. If a bettors win the wager, the payout would then be deposited into that player's account, where the option to receive a payout would be available at the time that is chosen by the player.