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The specialty of SportsBetting is their online sportsbook, despite offering several other services. This should be pretty obvious by the name of the site directly off the bat, right? does a lot of things on behalf of the sports bettor, highlighted by the sports odds that can legally be wagered on by American players and others throughout the world. This online sportsbook provides a simple and legal pathway to betting on sports for those who are interested in doing so. Betting laws in the United States might set precedents against sportsbooks conducting business within the borders, but SportsBetting falls outside of this category.

The contents of this review centers around the legality of SportsBetting's online betting site. Specifically, there are questions answered that seem to be asked most often. So we thought why not take this opportunity to address them and make clear the fact that is an option for any American in the market for a new betting site.

Still have questions? Of course you do and we're going to fill in all the gaps as we go down the list of all the stuff that bettors need to know. Let's get started...

Are "ALL" U.S. Players Allowed At SportsBetting?

Federal law does not ban bettors who are of age to gamble the option to make a bet online. It's simply that the bet placed at an online sportsbook will not be at a sportsbook that is U.S.-based. Just know that it's safe + legal, but it they're not based in the United States but in Panama rather. That's ok though, because most legal betting sites that take Americans are based in other countries, just like SportsBetting.

Whether you call it legal or not, fact of the matter is that it is safe and SportsBetting might as well be considered an online sportsbook for American because its main target is the U.S. bettor. It's pretty easy to figure that out once you are on site and check out the betting odds that are offered. You can go down the list and find U.S. sport after U.S. sport. The NFL, NBA, MLB, college football, college basketball, etc... mainly sports that are popular in North America.

The bottom line here is... as long as certain site requirements, like the age to bet are met, then yes, SportsBetting is open to players living in all 50 states across the U.S.

To create an account at, players must verify that they are 18 years old. When signifying that you are indeed a user that hails from the United States, SportsBetting will ask that players meet the minimum betting age in their state as well. This could mean living in a state in which the law says you need to be 21 years old. If that is the case, you need to be at least 21 years old.

Will I Get Into Trouble For Betting At SportsBetting?

If you are worried about someone busting through the door and hauling you away for placing a wager on the game, it's not going to happen. Why? It's not that important in the grand scheme of things and whether it is illegal is to be debated.

Being cautious is just human nature and for good reason... it definitely wouldn't be worth the risk if there was a chance of going to jail or any other penalty. But luckily for you and anyone living in the U.S. that wants to bet on sports at SportsBetting, nothing is going to happen. In fact, the biggest risk you will be taking will be when you take that double-digit underdog to win straight up and not when placing the wager.

If you'd still like to know more, we've got you covered. Please click here to go to our page that tackles the questions of whether online betting sites that take US players are legal or prohibited.

More About SportsBetting + USA Players

We can't do a review on the sportsbook at SportsBetting without discussing the ways to fund an account since it is such a large part of dealing with the legal issues that face Americans that make wagers there. As you may or may not have already read on this site, you can be accepted at any online betting site but if you can't make a deposit, you're just wasting your time. That's because of the UIGEA and other mindless betting laws in the U.S. have only served to make things complicated rather than limit the activity.

For example, the most common way to deposit into is by using a VISA or an American Express card. While it attempts goes through just as any normal online transaction would, payment processors can sometimes be flagged by banks which will stop your transaction from going through. Veteran bookmaking operations with ample resources are able to circumvent any financial restrictions by switching their processors. By staying ahead of the banks and credit card companies, SportsBetting is able to get high success rates when using electronic methods.

With that said, there is no online betting site that has a 100% success rate with American deposits which is why SportsBetting uses numerous methods to get money into their site. Aside from the credit cards, American players will have a Western Union option, MoneyGram, and a money order... all of which are just like sending cash and some of them work almost as fast as using credit / debit cards.

Is SportsBetting Legit? - Can I Trust Them With My Money? - Will They Pay?

The definition of legitimate means 'conforming to the law or rules'. It's essentially a legal question, but we take it a step further to talk about the sportsbook being trustworthy. We already answered the question about the legality of SportsBetting and U.S. players. We've determined that it meets all of the legal requirements to accept American players, and is legal to join.

But what about the trustworthiness of SportsBetting?

When a player creates an account, they are making a financial commitment, because real money will be deposited. And with that real money, players must trust to protect it, and take care of their information. Not only that, they must trust SportsBetting that the practice of online sports betting is done correctly here. This is proven only through action, and players who are currently with accounts can speak from experience. SportsBetting receives great reviews every year, and is flourishing as a result.

Why You Should Choose SportsBetting For Online Betting...

SportsBetting is a great place for betting and not just for the reasons we've mentioned. Take for example, you don't have to leave your home in order to make a bet which is something that wouldn't be possible unless you lived in or near Nevada or Delaware anyway. Users have access to the full spectrum of betting odds across numerous sports, both foreign and domestic when they bet at SportsBetting.

Beyond the simple and assumed details, SportsBetting has a tremendous mobile section which allows users to bet anywhere their smartphone or tablet has network access plus a live betting section too. If you don't know about live betting, you will soon because betting on live sports is a new phenomenom that is sweeping the industry. Soon, live betting won't be an option, it will be the standard. would make it seem like there are a lot of great sportsbook options out there like, but that is deceiving. We've used the betting websites we recommend, SportsBetting included, and would never waste the time detailing some place that we wouldn't use or feel comfortable with. We aren't saying that this is the best one hands down either (that can depend on what you like + your needs), we are simply saying that it is one of the best that services players in the United States.

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